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Decathlon derailleur hangers dropouts

Replacement derailleur hanger dropout to buy for Decathlon models.

All rear derailleur hangers types for MTB, Mountain, CX, Road and other bikes you can find here.

Replacement derailleur hangers also sorted By Bike Brand.

If you need assistance or have questions feel free to contact us.

Are you looking for Decathlon derailleur hanger? 

We offer one of the widest derailleur hangers assortment for Decathlon bikes Road, MTB, Cyclocross and other bicycles. 

For what Decathlon models derailleur hangers will fit?

Find replacement gear hanger, mech hanger from earliest to latest Decathlon models.

Why do I need spare derailleur hanger for my Decathlon bike?

Your Decathlon  bike derailleur hanger is designed with purpose to break or bend in order to prevent or limit damage to bicycle frame or other drivetrain components in case of accident: crash, drivetrain failure an others. It happens and sometimes quite often. If you want to get back on your Decathlon bike as soon as possible the spare derailleur hanger helps with it. Buy spare derailleur hanger dropout at for your Decathlon bike and be calm.

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