How to replace rear derailleur hanger ?

What is rear derailleur hanger?

Rear derailleur hanger is a replaceable bike part that connects the derailleur to the bike frame. Rear mech derailleur hanger attached to your bike using bolts, screws or sometimes lock nuts/rings and then your rear derailleur itself bolts on to the hanger. Almost all modern bikes have it. Older steel frames have permanent dropout which is strong as frame and not replaceable. There are different clasifications of gear hangers:

  1. By mounting method - direct mount (for e.g. D558), standard mount (for e.g. D484)
  2. By manufacturing method - CNC machined,  Cast,  Forged...
  3. Others...

Find out more information at FAQ page about: What is derailleur hanger? Why derailleur hanger is important? How and from what derailleur hangers are made? What are derailleur hanger types? How to replace rear mech derailleur hanger? and much more.

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Derailleur Hanger

How to find the right derailleur hanger?

The best way to find what you’re looking for is to use the search function typing brand of your bike and you should find what you are looking for: model descriptions, matching photos, diagrams and other details. Or you can browse categories "derailleur hangers by bike brand", when all possible gear hangers will be listed for your bike. Also there are possible cases when we have hanger you need, but bike brand was not written in hangers description. Then you can browse gear hangers by fitting holes numbers and find your hanger visually.

If you still have questions or need assistance to identify the right derailleur hanger please contact us.

Why bicycle derailleur hangers differs?

There are thousands rear derailleur hanger types (designs) on the market. Every bicycle frame manufacturer could have different dropout design for each model of frame and different hanger for same frame but manufactured on different year. They are constantly releasing new bike models and updated bike models each year, with a lot of different mech hangers. Sometimes could be hard to find it, sometimes it is easy because some derailleur hangers may fit a lot of bike models. For e.g. our D16 derailleur hanger.

Are derailleur hangers universal?

Yes, there are universal derailleur hangers. It is called emergency universal derailleur hanger and can be used for a short period of time, for e.g. to get home after derailleur hanger breaks/bends, or ride until your ordered mech hanger arrives to you.

Universal Emergency Derailleur Hanger


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