Disc Brake Pads

Replacement Disk Brake pads for bicycle & e-bike.

Disc brake pads for bicycles are one of the key components of a disc braking system. These pads are used to stop the rotation of the wheel by applying friction to the brake rotor.

The disc brake pad is made up of a backing plate that provides structural support, and a friction material that is in contact with the rotor. The friction material is typically made from a compound of metallic or organic materials, or a combination of both.

Metallic disc brake pads are often used for high-performance applications, as they provide excellent stopping power and are very durable. However, they can be noisy and may wear down the rotor faster than organic pads. Organic pads are generally quieter, and they provide better modulation, but they may not last as long as metallic pads.

Also there are kevlar brake pads which last long as metallic, but brakes like organic. Kevlar disk brake pads mostly used on ebikes .

The shape and size of the disc brake pad will depend on the specific brake system being used. Some brake pads are designed to be replaced as a unit, while others allow for replacement of only the friction material. It's important to choose the correct size and shape of brake pad for your particular bike and brake system.

In general, disc brake pads will need to be replaced periodically as they wear down through use. It's important to monitor the wear of your brake pads regularly, as worn brake pads can reduce stopping power and potentially damage the brake rotor.

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