Small parts

Bolts, nuts, screws for derailleur hanger and other small parts .

Bike small parts is a broad term that encompasses various small components and accessories used in bicycles. These parts play crucial roles in the functionality, safety, and performance of the bike. Here's a list of some common bike small parts:

  • Bolts and Fasteners: Small screws, nuts, and bolts used to assemble various components of the bike, such as bottle cage bolts, derailleur limit screws, stem bolts, and brake caliper bolts.
  • Cable and Housing: Cables and housing used for shifting and braking systems. These include brake cables, derailleur cables, shift cables, and housing end caps.
  • Bar End Plugs: Plugs inserted into the ends of handlebars to prevent injury and to keep out dirt and water.
  • Grips and Bar Tape: Grips for flat handlebars or bar tape for drop handlebars, providing comfort, grip, and shock absorption.
  • Chain Links and Pins: Connectors or pins used to join chain links together when installing or repairing a bicycle chain.
  • Pedal Cleats: Cleats that attach to cycling shoes and engage with clipless pedals for efficient pedaling and power transfer.
  • Saddle Rails and Clamps: Rails and clamps used to attach the saddle to the seatpost, allowing for adjustment and secure mounting.
  • Headset Bearings and Spacers: Bearings and spacers used in the headset assembly to allow for smooth steering and adjustment of handlebar height.
  • Hub Axles and Skewers: Axles and skewers used to secure wheels to the frame or fork, allowing for quick wheel removal and installation.
  • Bottom Bracket Bearings and Cups: Bearings and cups that house the crank spindle, allowing for smooth rotation of the crankset.
  • Brake Pads and Rotors: Pads that provide friction against the brake rotor to stop the bike, as well as the rotors themselves.
  • Tire Valves and Valve Cores: Valves used to inflate tires, including Presta and Schrader valves, along with valve cores for maintenance.
  • Reflectors and Lights Mounts: Mounting brackets and adapters for attaching reflectors, lights, and other visibility accessories to the bike.
  • Chain Guides and Bash Guards: Guides and guards that help keep the chain on the chainrings and protect the chainring teeth from impacts.
  • Ferrules and Cable Ends: Metal or plastic caps placed on the ends of cables and housing to prevent fraying and improve cable routing.

These are just a few examples of the many small parts and accessories that are essential for building, maintaining, and customizing bicycles. Each plays a specific role in the overall function and performance of the bike.

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