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Replacement Derailleur hanger extenders, adapters, goat links, B-links

Derailleur hanger extenders, adapters, goat links, and B-links are accessories that can be used to modify the shifting performance of a bike's derailleur system. Here's a brief description of each:

* Derailleur hanger extenders: These are devices that are installed between the derailleur hanger and the derailleur. They increase the distance between the derailleur and the cassette, allowing the derailleur to accommodate larger cassettes or provide more clearance for bigger tires. They are often used in mountain biking to increase the range of gears.

* Derailleur hanger adapters: These are similar to derailleur hanger extenders, but are designed to allow a derailleur with a different mounting interface to be used on a bike. For example, if you have a frame with a direct mount derailleur hanger, but your preferred derailleur only comes in a standard mount, a derailleur hanger adapter can allow you to use the derailleur on your bike.

* Goat links: These are small devices that are attached to the derailleur hanger and the derailleur. They change the angle at which the derailleur pulls the chain, which can help to improve shifting performance when using large cassettes or chainrings. Goat links are often used in mountain biking to provide better chain retention and reduce dropped chains.

* B-links: These are similar to goat links, but are specifically designed for Shimano Shadow Plus rear derailleurs. They attach to the derailleur hanger and the derailleur and provide an additional pivot point for the derailleur cage. This helps to improve chain retention and reduce chain slap noise when riding over rough terrain.

It's important to note that while these accessories can be helpful in improving the performance of your derailleur system, they are not necessary for every rider or bike. In some cases, changing the cassette or chainring size may be sufficient to achieve the desired gearing or shifting performance. It's also important to make sure that any modifications to your bike are compatible with the other components and do not compromise safety or function.

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