Derailleur Hanger and Lock nuts

Derailleur hanger and axle lock nuts to buy.

Derailleur hanger lock nuts are a type of fastener used to secure the derailleur hanger to the bike frame. These nuts are typically used in combination with bolts to attach the derailleur hanger to the frame, and are designed to prevent the nut from loosening over time due to vibration or other forces.

The lock nut is threaded onto the end of the bolt and tightened against the derailleur hanger. Once the lock nut is in place, it prevents the main nut from rotating and coming loose. This ensures that the derailleur hanger remains securely attached to the bike frame.

Derailleur hanger lock nuts are often flanged, which means they have a wider base that provides extra surface area for gripping the bike frame. This helps to distribute the load more evenly and reduce the risk of the nut pulling through the frame material.

It's important to use the correct type and size of lock nut for your specific bike frame and derailleur hanger. Using the wrong lock nut can result in a loose or damaged derailleur hanger, which can affect shifting performance and potentially cause damage to the frame. It's also important to regularly inspect the lock nut and other fasteners on your bike to ensure they are properly tightened and in good condition.

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