Bearing Press Pro Kit - BP0001 Wheels mfg
    Bearing Press Pro Kit - BP0001 Wheels mfg

    Bearing Press Pro Kit - BP0001

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    Wheels MFG Bike Bearing Press Pro Kit is an essential tool for the professional bicycle workshop to complete jobs quickly and efficiently. No more grabbing whatever socket is close enough to the sealed bearing size and just tapping it in.

    The Bearing Press Pro Kit installs 14 bearing sizes including today's most common bottom bracket and thru axle bearings. The kit also includes linkage offsets for full suspension bearing installation and 7 speed spacers for faster installs. All parts are laser etched for easy identification.

    PRESS-1 includes:

    • (2) T-Handles with 3/8" Acme threaded rod
    • (2) 15mm x 25mm Speed Spacer
    • 15mm x 35mm Speed Spacer
    • 17mm x 25mm Speed Spacer
    • 17mm x 35mm Speed Spacer
    • 20mm x 25mm Speed Spacer
    • 20mm x 35mm Speed Spacer
    • (2) 30mm Speed Spacer
    • (2) 20mm frame linkage standoffs
    • (2) 30mm frame linkage standoffs

    Open Bore Drifts  for the following bearing sizes:

    • (2) 6802
    • (2) 6803
    • (2) 6804
    • (2) 6901
    • (2) 6902
    • (2) 6903
    • (2) 15x26
    • (2) 27.7x37

    Over Axle Drifts  for the following bearing sizes:

    • (2) 6802x20mm
    • (2) 6803x20mm
    • (2) 6804x20mm
    • (2) 6901x40mm
    • (2) 6902x7mm
    • (2) 6903x7mm
    For any questions please contact us or send an email to:
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