BOSCH Adapter Kit for DualBattery (BCH231) 0275007930
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BOSCH Adapter Kit for DualBattery (BCH231) 0275007930

BOSCH Adapter Kit for DualBattery (BCH231)

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Utilize two batteries simultaneously on your e-bike with the Bosch Dual Battery Y-Adapter Kit. This setup substantially extends the range of your e-bike, making long trips more feasible. To enable the Dual Battery Option, connect the Y-adapter to the motor and the appropriate battery connections. Ensure you use the original and compatible cable sets according to your battery type. 

  • When using two batteries (DualBattery)
  • Please order battery cables separately!
  • Not retrofittable!
  • System: Bosch eBike-System 2
  • Compatible with: BDU2XX, BDU3XX, BDU4XX
  • Cable length: 15 mm, 430 mm
  • Cable designaton: Battery cable, Y-cable
  • Battery type: Rack batterie, Frame batterie, PowerTube
  • 1x Y cable 515/430 mm
  • 1x Charging socket blanking plug kit
  • 1x Pin Cover
  • Catalog number: 0275007930
  • EAN: 4047026050400
  • Alternative item number: 2100704
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