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D387D387 2d684 vs d387

Product Description

  • Manufactured by PILO.
  • Material: CNC machined 6061 T651 aviation aluminium.
  • Color: black, anodized finish.
  • Our catalog number: D387
  • Fits Santa Cruz frames:
    • 2015 Heckler R, Superlight R, 5010 A R, Tallboy-LT A S, Tallboy-LT CC XO1, Bantam R, Nomad CC X01, Nomad CC XX1, Bronson CC XX1, Bronson A R, 5010 CC XT, 5010 C S, Bronson C S, Tallboy A R, Tallboy C S, Tallboy-LT A S, Tallboy CC XT
  • Fits Santa Cruz with 142mm axle frames:
    • Blur XC Carbon (from 2013)
    • Tallboy Carbon (from 2013)
    • Tallboy LTc
    • Tallboy LT
    • Tallboy Alloy
    • Blur TRc (from 2013)
    • Highball Carbon (from 2013)
    • Blur LT
    • Blur LTc (from 2013)
    • Nomad Carbon (from mid 2012)
    • 2013 - 2017 V10 (V10.4 V10.5)
  • Fits Juliana frames:
    • Roubion, Furtado, Joplin, Nevis, Origin, Juno
Please compare the hanger you have on your bike to the picture, to choose the right one (notice the difference between this part and our D684)
For any questions please e-mail us:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
To be sure if this the right part, please send us photos of:
1. Your derailleur hanger from both sides;
2. And if possible bike‘s frame part photos, where derailleur hanger was attached.
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With UPS delivery worldwide to 5 working days.
With LT Post delivery to EU 5-10 work days, worldwide from 6 work days.
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We have a 100% money back satisfaction guarantee policy.
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Feel free to contact us if need assistance to find right hanger.
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